South Metro Water Supply Authority

8400 East Prentice Ave, Suite 315
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Contact: Angie Grunder

When South Metro Water Supply Authority was founded in 2004, the idea was simple: bring many smaller water entities in south Denver together to create a regional water authority. South Metro Water stemmed from the Douglas County Water Resource Authority, which started in 1992, and the South Metro Water Supply Study Board, formed in January 2000, when other larger water providers requested to work with one regional entity. Today, our 13 water provider members represent about half of Douglas County and 10% of Arapahoe County, based on land area. Together we are executing a plan to provide a secure and sustainable water future for the region. This unified approach better serves our constituents. Through increased negotiating power and collaborative support for new projects we are transforming the region’s water supply and creating a sustainable future for generations to come. Water is what makes the south Denver Metro area’s incredible quality of life and growing economy possible. Yet, we live in a semi-arid region with an average rainfall of less than 20 inches per year. Historically, our region has relied on non-renewable underground aquifers for much of our water supply. These aquifers do not provide a sustainable supply that can adequately support our growing families and businesses. We must conserve, diversify, and increase our water supply in order to protect home values, jobs, and provide a community our children and grandchildren can call home.

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