CEU Class (English) - Aspen, CO - Advanced Irrigation Techniques for Sustainable Landscaping (Afternoon Session)

This course will provide valuable updates on the the City of Aspen's Water Efficient Landscape Standards (WELS) and engage participants in discussion relevant to their ongoing and prospective projects. Additionally, the course will delve into the importance of irrigation audits as a means to evaluate the performance and efficiency of systems that have been installed for several years. 

The curriculum will cover the following key topics:

  1. WELS Updates and Discussion Points: Participants will receive up-to-date information on the City of Aspen's Water Efficiency Landscape Standards (WELS), gaining insights into any recent updates and addressing specific discussion points related to their ongoing or future projects. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the ordinance's implications for contractors and facilitating productive conversations surrounding future work opportunities.

  2. Irrigation Audit - Check Up: This segment focuses on the significance of conducting irrigation audits for established systems. Participants will learn how to effectively assess the performance and efficiency of irrigation installations that have been in operation for several years. Through case studies and practical examples, attendees will gain the necessary skills to identify and address common issues that may arise in older systems, resulting in improved water conservation and optimized irrigation practices.

  3. Flow Management: This module explores the definition and practical application of flow management techniques to enhance irrigation practices. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the available equipment and technologies used to better manage irrigation systems. From flow meters and pressure regulators to advanced controllers and valves, attendees will learn how to leverage these tools effectively for optimal water distribution, improved system efficiency, and reduced water waste.

This free, 2-hour course is designed for Aspen’s QWEL course graduates and other landscape professionals in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Location: Aspen Police Department Community Meeting Room
540 E Main St
Aspen, CO 81611
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Presenter: Keith Schweiger


Thursday, September 21st, 2023 1:00 pm-3:00 pm - Location: Aspen Police Department Community Meeting Room

Registration Closes: 09/20/2023

2 CEUs available.

Sponsored by: City of Aspen

For more information, contact:

Victoria Arling
(303) 253-2621

Online Registration is not available.