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QWEL graduates have been trained on principals of proper plant selection for the local climate, irrigation system design and maintenance, and irrigation system programming and operation.  QWEL Graywater Specialty graduates have been trained on the design and installation of graywater systems. Hire a QWEL graduate to make your landscape water efficient.

The orange markers indicate areas with QWEL graduates.  Click on a marker to view a list of QWEL graduates.


Northern California

Southern California


New Mexico




Please Note: The above lists include landscapers who have graduated from the QWEL Program and is provided as an informational source only. Neither the order of the listings, nor the listing itself of a landscaper, implies any endorsement, recommendation or promotion of any particular listed landscaper, nor any guarantee of the workmanship or materials provided by the landscaper.  It is the customer’s sole responsibility to investigate the landscaper’s background and experience. California Law stipulates that work performed for $500.00 or more for labor and materials must be accomplished by a licensed contractor.

Graduates that would like to be listed on additional QWEL graduate lists can contact us.